Carefree Resort Information


Condominium Corporation

The County of Red Deer approved development of our seasonal RV resort which commenced in 1985 and was completed in 1996. Carefree Resort incorporated as a not-for-profit bare-land condominium and was registered with Alberta Land Titles in 1988.

The development and operation of Condominiums are governed by Provincial regulations under two documents:

  1. Condominium Property Act
  2. Condominium Property Regulations

CAREFREE BYLAWS are the rules and regulations that govern and protect the interests of Carefree owners. They cannot conflict with the Condominium Act. Changes to Bylaws require 75% approval by owners. When the Condominium Property Act is changed, the Province will permit condos to update their Bylaws to comply with the Act. This does not permit any Bylaw changes other than those made to the Act.

b) CAREFREE POLICIES supplement and/or expand the resort’s Bylaws and are developed over the years as the resort changes, legal requirements are enacted, and to maintain a common interest of mutual enjoyment for owners.

c) CONDOMINIUM FEES are established yearly by the Board of Directors. Condo fees cover resort operating costs and contributions to the Reserve Plan. Reserve funds are set aside to address unexpected maintenance issues and large-scale projects. Fees also include utilities and garbage disposal costs for all owners. Fees may be paid by cash, cheque, online, electronic fund transfer (void cheque needed), or credit card on a monthly, quarterly, or one-time yearly method.

As a Carefree lot owner, you also own 1/613 of all common areas in the resort.


  • Garbage & Waste

  • Storage Compound

  • Outdoor Heated Pool

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Store

  • Sauna

  • Sewage Dump

  • Contractors

  • Marina

  • ATM


  1. Call 911. Provide Carefree address 2540 Twp. Rd. 353, Red Deer County, and your lot number. Land location SW19-35-2-W5M.
  2. Then call the resort at 403-227-2100 choose option #9 or call Security at 403-304-0197.
  3. Leave a message including name, lot and phone number, and type of emergency. Staff will respond immediately.